It’s a ➕ Revolution w/ MAC new 60 Shades of Beauty!

As fashion is trending and pushing increased diversity, we are proud to see a Plus model on a prominent beauty platform such as MAC Cosmetics.

MAC Cosmetics will be releasing new shades of foundation, powder, and more to offer 60 different shades of color September6th, 2018. We ❤ the ability to match even more undertones and skin tones and MAC has definitely made a statement using diverse and a curvy model as part of their campaign.

➕ models are breaking barriers as curvy models and no longer will their faces only be seen in catalog, runway, or campaigns, but also in beauty publications, haute and couture fashion, and other high fashion and beauty areas of opportunity!

We reached out to Ana and asked her what this meant for her! Read her response below! Follow this beautiful model on Instagram and online. She is definitely making moves and a part of the paradigm shift of body acceptance!

There’s been so much progress in the fashion world for plus bodies, especially plus size women’s fashion. However, beauty has much to do. I was so thankful to be a part of the MAC campaign because size does not dictate beauty and I hope that women who shop for makeup and other beauty products don’t have to feel they must be a certain size to wear beauty products. I hope more and more brands start using plus size women in their beauty campaigns- diversity and visibility is so important. ~ Ana

Follow Ana Laura on Instagram!

➡️ Viva La Curvy


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