Staying Warm in Winter Wonderland (or dreaming of one)

What are your favorite items to keep you warm and fashionable during this chilly winter season? Below I share one of my favorite finds, a PONCHO inspired look!!! 

Poncho’s or Ruana’s are versatile and can be paired with practically anything! In this look I paired a large plaid striped Ruana with jeans and my new favorite leopard boots, find the boots here And they are on sale! Find the plaid Ruana here.  And look at the detail on those boots! The Cloudwalker brand provides comfort and right now they are on sale for less than $40. You will be styling on a budget!

The off white sweater is a $6.00 find at Name Brand Clothing because you already know this Diva shops on a Dime! And just because your a size 2x or larger doesn’t mean you can’t fit an xl! This sweater is an XL and fits me amazing! Had I looked at size alone I would have overlooked this amazing purchase! 

The jeans in this look can be exchanged for a skirt to dress up the look.  With the versatility of  this jacket you can pair with multiple looks.  

Poncho type jackets keep you warm and remind me of a blanket.  This brings a feeling of comfort and being pretty fabulous at the same time! Comfortable and Fabulous now that’s what I’m talking about!  Feeling comfortable in my clothes is important because it opens my mind to think of the important things in life rather than dealing with an unpleasant fit of clothes all day!  

Shopping Tip: Ask yourself if the item you are purchasing will be comfortable enough to wear more than once.  Unless of course your only planning on wearing it once, then maybe an exception is necessary. 

Photos by: Mayshack Photography in Galveston, TX

I hope you enjoyed this blog and are inspired to find your own signature Poncho, Ruana, jacket, or scarf look! 



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