Susan’s 🔝 5 Winter ❄Coat and Ruana picks

Fall and Winter are for trendy jackets, coats, ruanas, shawls, scarves, and cardigans! Enjoy my top 5 Winter jacket picks below! 

#5 Colorblock Ruana  

What’s she wearin? A jacket? blanket?cardigan? Or a mix of both! This look reminds me of the cultural fashions that use blanket looks as jackets/covers. And I love this trend! The plus size store Avenue never fails to carry an amazing selection of Ruana’s and this is my second year of wearing them, you can even find more in the previous 2016 Winter Solstice blog.  Since the weather is fairly mild here in the Midwest, this piece often doubles as a jacket.

Photo Credit: Kathie Freeman
Ruana’s are amazing because you can wear them with anything not to mention the years of use you’ll have! Shop more Ruana’s here.

#4 Faux Leather Moto Jacket w/zipper detail

Photo Credit: Rene Vega Photography in Central Park, NYC

This Moto Jacket from Just Fab is Fab on the body and Fab on the budget! And who doesn’t need a go to jacket for those slightly chilly days.  Pair this jacket with a skirt, dress, or your favorite jeans for a trendy and edgy look!

Photo Credit: Rene Vega Photography
I found a similar style at an amazing price here through an amazing brand online called GS Love! 

#3 Trench coat with Faux Pleather Sleeves

Photo Credit: Kathie Freeman
Trench coats are classy and timeless and will always be a style you can pair whether dressed up or when dressed down. 

Photo Credit: Kathie Freeman
You will cherish a classic trench coat for years to come! Although this particular trench coat is not available anymore, I did find you a similar one with lace here.

#2 Suede Fringe Moto Jacket

Photo Credit: Kathie Freeman

Fringe, Fringe, and more Fringe, we all 💙 Fringe! With the major comeback of fringe, anything with fringe is almost guaranteed to be a style win! This moto fringe jacket from Torrid last year gives a style vibe like no other and with zipper detail is edgy enough to be paired with multiple looks. 

Photo Credit: Kathie Freeman

You can shop similar looks here although this particular jacket is not available anywhere right now! It’s a Classic! 

#1 Military Inspired jacket with faux leather sleeves

Photo Credit: Kathie Freeman

My #1 pick is my all time favorite!! This military button inspired dress jacket from Torrid will have you feeling like a classic 21st century pinup queen! This jacket is so versatile you can pair with jeans or as I did for my holiday looks with a pleather skirt, fence net hosiery from and Torrid over the knee boots. I couldn’t find the exact ones but here I found a wedge version. 

You can find this jacket here on the Torrid website and with the holiday sales going on it’s a steal at the price of US$54.45.

Hope you enjoyed my top 5 jackets for this winter season! Follow me on Instagram for more daily look inspirations! 

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