Rolling with the Apples 🍎 A New York Adventure! 🗽

     The air was crisp with a soft breeze gently caressing my cheeks which were bursting with joy from the thoughts of the weekend getaway that was about to commence. When we arrived in Buffalo, NY I first fell in love with the country hometown feel! I felt like I was at a home away from home and the diverse cultures of the area made the engagements so interesting. I couldn’t understand many of the conversations happening and the rich culture and diversity made it an experience that cannot be duplicated. 
The rapids leading up to the Niagara Falls Park were intense and thrashing along the rocks and shoreline. That is a body of water I definitely don’t want to be caught in the currents I recall thinking to myself. The Niagara Falls waterfall was so majestic itself and massive I couldn’t take my eyes away! The waterfalls slammed with a strong force over the sharp rocks and fell below leaving nothing but a large foggy mist. The Maid of the Mist will take you for tours to the edge of the waterfall or you can walk up the side of the waterfall’s ledge (be prepared for the spraying water). This experience was breathtaking and I just stood there taking the majesty of nature in. 

     🍎Then began the trek to the big city, the big apple, the city that inspires and energizes the artist in us all! New York City was next on the bucket list!  The trip to NYC started out adventurous as it was all unplanned, unexpected, and no rooms or plans had been made! This made it fun searching for a room online while looking at ratings and ones within the last minute budget! Being it was a Friday night, you can imagine after looking at sold out rooms of hotels in the budget made it quite the interesting search. Once settled on a small spot in Jersey City the bookings were made and it was locked in on a hope that the area picked was a good one. Be prepared to pay $ to drive, pay $ to park and practically pay $ for anything involving you and your car anywhere in the city parts of New York or New Jersey. Paid just to get to New York, then another toll after crossing the tunnel, it can get expensive real quick! The subway is always my friend in the inner city adventures!

     Once we arrived in Jersey City and arrived at the room I realized it was not going to be a quiet evening as the hustle and bustle in the street was still happening at 1 in the morning. Back home in the south it often quiets down around those times and you won’t hear the honking horns and bustle of people into the night. The next day the exploring of New Jersey and New York began.
     As we approached New York City, I couldn’t help but see the haze surrounding the city and I realized the haze was not fog, but smog! I had never seen that amount of smog before in my life and during the trip in February it wasn’t this visible, that was shocking. But still, the sights were as fun as ever! The Charging Bull of Wall Street

Touring Central Park in my ARTTwear custom shirt! Central park was first on the list and I headed straight to the Alice in Wonderland scene and soaked in all of the memories. Next up was a walk along the path going through central park and I witnessed my first encounter with a large rat as he scattered by on the path ahead. I found a castle and the calming waters of the Central Park Lake.

Onto NYC! 

Next up was Times Square that evening and soaked in the lights, buildings, performances, and finished up by sitting on the red stairs gaining fashion inspiration from the passerby’s. So much inspiration came from that evening in fashion from both the people and the sights.When the saying that New York will inspire you was first heard I never knew the truth in it until I experienced it for myself. I saw many cold shoulder options, pom poms hanging on anything you can imagine, pleather jackets, mixing and layering of soft flowing materials, sheer materials, and scarves. This inspiration will be carried with me through my own wardrobe and styling. The next day was just as adventurous with a trip to Battery Park and a viewing of the Statue of Liberty. The character artists on site drawing pictures offer some great rates to reel you in and it worked on me until it’s time to buy the frame! Surprise!!  You have to get the frame because they use a chalk that wipes right off! I thought well, that’s genius! After eating off a street cart (by the way stick with the hot dogs on street carts) our feet and legs were telling us it was time to move on out of the city and get back on the road to the airport.The adventures for me never end and even on the way back to the airport we got lost somewhere in Pennsylvania but ran into an amazing old steel making site that was thriving in 1728 in Scranton, PA named the Lackawanna Steel Company. According to Wikipedia (Lackawanna Steel Company) , this was once the second largest company in the world when they moved and began to take advantage of new technologies in steel melting. This gave me a new respect for our rich American History and heritage that often is overlooked and the past all too often forgotten. This massive structure gave a remembrance of what was. The roads through Pennsylvania and upstate New York were winding, wooded, and quiet. It was a soul searching trip and numerous strategies were conceptualized. I completely disconnected from social media and enjoyed the time, the moments, and the nature for what it was. I was truly relaxed and in that moment of realization and disconnection from electronics and social media I mentally grew. 
After visiting New York a few times one thing that I have realized is that 2-3 days of New York City is about all I can take! Now give me the beach and I can stay for 2-3 weeks! Hope you enjoyed a small recap of my NYC adventures and the other details not included I’ll save those to tell you when you meet me in person! It’s always nice to have stories in your life to share with others and sometimes we have to roll with the way the apples fall.  🍎

Thanks for reading my story and sharing a part in my NYC adventures! 
~ Susan Curry


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