Professional Fashionista to Happy Hour Bombshell : a Fall Fashion Transition

According to 47% of the U.S. labor force consists of women and with projections to increase. This fuels an increasing need for women’s clothing that is not only comfortable for a full 8 hour work day, but also trendy, unique, and timeless. Women want and need items that will transition to after work activities with ease because who wants to be in a full office gear while kicking back, running errands, or taking the kids to their activities? At least we can look like we have it together I always say! Having the ability to transition an outfit from a 9-5 workday into an after-hours happy hour bombshell will revive you on any day of the week.For my after work transition staple piece today, I chose this amazing Chisest of them all vest from Society Plus. This is so versatile and can be paired with multiple looks from jeans to dresses! AND it has pockets!!! #WINNING!!  This jacket is a staple that every working woman needs in her closet for days at the office or even if out on the town.  I purchased this piece through a local store Volume Plus Size Boutique here in OKC, OK. The first look features the blue vest paired with an ARTTwear parachute dress giving a daring pop of color. After the long day is over remove the jacket for the after work cool down and wear the dress alone. At this point anyone buzzing around you will be of no bother because when you feel good, you know you look damn good!The second look is one of my favorites and gives a pop of surprise for that after work get together. This look could work for spring, summer, and even into the fall. The look begins with the drapey vest forming a wrap style dress and only you will know what you have under until you decide to unwrap.After the workday is over (or even on lunch break) untie the wrap and your afternoon bombshell look is revealed. Pair with any bold or patterned 2 piece skirt and crop top set and you are sure to turn a few heads. This look allows you to keep the jacket on giving you a bit of cover or simply remove the jacket and fully reveal your sexy crop top look under.  In this look the blue tye die crop top and asymmetrical skirt set were found at my local Cititrendz.  I have the pink tye die patterned set for sale on Poshmark. I can’t bear to part with the blue yet because this outfit transition is my own personal favorite and not giving it up just yet!  Shoes are staple flat sandals from Torrid. If your wondering where the custom flower necklace is look no further!  Freeman Jewelry Collection, LLC where all jewelry is handmade, custom, and personalized! Your bound to find the perfect gift for yourself or someone else! Never settle for wholesale jewelry when you can have custom! I hope you enjoyed this after hours transition from work to play and remember, never let anyone else define you! You are unique, you are valuable, and you are necessary.  About the Author: Susan Curry is a plus model, designer, writer, business consultant, dreamer, Grad Student, and claims insurance adjuster by day.  Spreading knowledge about the issues of society through fashion and event coverage is a strong passion of hers and she won’t stop until her vision is fulfilled and beyond! 
Photos by: Mayshack Photography


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