Meg x SBB & The Curvy Industry Experience

This pool party event by The Curvy Industry Experience  was a curvy experience to remember! Women came from OKC, Houston, and surrounding Dallas areas to participate in this fashion event.  When I first discovered this event I began recruiting my OKC ladies to join and even was blessed with a discount code as I promoted and pushed for the event.  And my OKC ladies came through to show support and have a great time!Leading up to the event I found out I would be walking in the event as a model and after the hurricane in Houston we then began to collect donations for the event and turned it into a collection site for plus size clothing and other items needed for disaster victims. I drove down to the event with my faithful companion Mayra packed and loaded from the trunk to the backseat with the donations we had collected!We arrived at the Texas Pool which is a pool in the shape of Texas and began to mingle with the other ladies as they began to arrive for the event. The event began with mingling and photoshoots in all corners as the models began to get dressed in the spotlight designer pieces.

Megan Kimberling and Bethany Calvin of MEGxSBB


The designer MEGxSBB showcased their new collection of swimwear made for the curves! The pieces were trendy, cute, edgy, and fun to wear!

This line is a collaboration between Megan Kimberling and Bethany Calvin of Sheeek by Bee. The colors were intriguing and unique with a collection of green, yellow, with a touch of floral designs mixed and matched with sheer cover ups for additional options. For swimwear primarily designed for the smaller busted women, the pieces held up well to the large busted models who were present at this event. The colors were complimentary of multiple skin tones and the touch of floral brought together the green and yellow in perfect harmony. Megan was a doll and we had an in depth discussion about the plus size industry and even about how the collaboration came about between MEGxSBB and its origin. This collection is one that does not disappoint and can fit on multiple body types while still functioning and performing as one would expect. The curvy industry experience pulled bloggers, influencers, photographers, models, and curvy women together in one place where we didn’t care what we looked like or even felt in competition with another. We enjoyed each other’s company as we mingled, ate some good food, and even had a few games of water volleyball that at times got a bit rough! I think everyone that played the water volleyball came away with a stubbed toe or cracked nail after that experience.  Where else can curvy women get together and play volleyball? I rarely see that happening in any public pool or pool party that I have ever attended. This was a time where women of any size, shape, nationality, and social status could come and relax and network with other like-minded women.  I can’t wait for the next one!

My OKC ladies came thru!! Yasss baby! Xoxo

Photos by: Wonderland Exchange


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