Racks on Racks on Clearance Racks : Diva on a Dime 💰

If you’re a Diva on a budget like myself, you want to dress fly but avoid depleting the contents of your wallet.

Solution Found: Shop Clearance! 

Yes, I go straight to the clearance racks when shopping to keep my mind focused and money in my pocket. Often the clearance will be in the back or in certain areas where you have to look at the new items first. You must have diligence and discipline to maintain your focus only on the clearance rack. This may be easier said than done, but once you get accustomed to shopping clearance, you will find you rarely go back to the full price sections. 

The items may be limited in the clearance sections, but don’t give up, that rare diamond is just a push and shove of a hanger away, hidden behind that clearance bubble dress or oversized scarf! Your own taste in clothing may develop and change over time based on what is available on the clearance racks. I find myself mixing and matching quite often to achieve unique and trendy looks that no one else has. Clothing is an expression and a way to express the uniqueness of ourselves. Mixing and matching pieces helps encourage that expression by providing unique items that otherwise would not have been paired together.  

In my simple beachy look today I am showcasing a textured Torrid black skater skirt that I found on clearance for $10.00 paired with a crop top in a size Large from Rainbow shops also found on the clearance rack at $3.00. (Sidenote: I will design some crop tops or find a way to get plus crop tops to my curvy , stay tuned for links/blogs about what I find!!!)

This entire outfit cost me $13.00! And is a mix from department and discount department stores. You can be stylish and not break your pockets trying to look fly.  And when paired with a designer hand crafted necklace from Freeman Jewelry Collection, you are sure to turn heads!  Find a similiar skater style skirt here and similiar crop top style here.

What’s even better than clearance? 

Clearance that is marked down even further on clearance! In my studies I have found the clearance shopper is not the ideal customer for retail stores. Often stores will clearance items out to get rid of inventory and have already made profits on the items when they first hit shelves. The average product retail price has room for 5 markdowns, isn’t that interesting!! Yes, so at the clearance rack, you may actually be purchasing the item for the actual price it was bought for at wholesale! WINNING! 

Next time you see that quick 30% off sale on a REGULAR priced item, have patience and wait to see if that items ends up on the clearance shelf or marked down even further! Knowledge is Power, and Clearance shopping saves money! This is what the Diva on a Dime series is all about!!

Photos at Galveston Beach by Mayshack Photography


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