Official Brand Ambassador for The Freeman Jewelry Collection, LLC

     So excited to announce I am officially a Brand Ambassador for The Freeman Jewelry Collection, L.L.C.!

     I met the beautiful Nakeisha Freeman at a recent fashion show and a bond was formed after wearing her pieces for the ARTTwear lineup from the 2016 Florida Fashion Show by LS 1426.  6 months later I would wear a few more pieces through the ARTTwear and Freeman Jewelry Collaboration (always making sure I gave credit to the designer) in NYFW.  Fast forward a few more months I was asked to be a brand ambassador. 

     In my modeling career I have learned that you never know who is watching and when you stay true to yourself, your brand, and your vision, others will start seeing it too! Being a brand ambassador was only a thought years ago, but I worked hard, even when doing work Pro Bono Aka Free work.  The hard work is starting to see a return which pushes me to keep working harder! Staying focused and determined is the key! That is the juice, the grit, the gumption. That’s what it takes! XOXO

Photo by : Wonderland Exchange

Necklace: Shop HERE on the TFJC website!

Torrid Duster and Crushed velvet top 

In Bottom pic ARTTwear swim bottoms paired with a Torrid swim top and a lightweight jean tunic shirt click here for a similar find!! Photo by: Mayshack Photography


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