Diva on a Dime Series: Finding Diamonds in the Rough: Thrifted Finds

My Diva on a Dime look this Monday featuring thrifted looks!

     Are you an avid thrift store shopper, or is this form of shopping discouraging and unwanted? In my numerous conversations with friends and colleagues, a common theme emerges in that people often find it difficult rummaging through the endless thrift store selections just to find those few gems. Today I’ll share with you a few thrift store tips that can help you save time when shopping and find yourself those rare, vintage, and unique gems that otherwise you may never stumble upon. 

Tip #1: Check the front display cases first. Often most thrift stores will have special front store display cases with the more unique, trendy, or higher priced items.
Tip #2: Have an idea ahead of time of which area you are looking to shop in as most thrift stores divide the areas up by housewares’, clothes, electronic items, and shoes/purses.

Tip #3: Visit thrift stores in higher income areas or areas where there is a competition of thrift stores. You may find more selections in these stores. 
Tip #4: Leave yourself enough time to browse and if you don’t find that special item, don’t give up, it may be at the next store your about to visit!
Tip #5: Find which thrift stores have days with half off sales or special grab bag sales. This can help you save even more money on those unique finds!

     Here are a few of my recent finds from my #thrifting! I stumbled upon the Coach purse in normal condition and paid $24.00. Where else will you find a name brand Coach purse for this price? Since I am an avid Poshmark shopper and thrift shopper I know how to spot fakes immediately and one simple way to spot a fake is look for the serial number inside the Coach Purse and google that number. The factory versions will begin with an F in front of the second set of numbers, while the non-factory Coach purses will have just numbers after the first set. You can look online and see the style/type of the purse. Before you buy Coach or other name brands I would suggest you learn to verify authenticity of these brands.  

     My second find is a simple laptop carrying case that is trendy, versatile, and sleek. With school starting around the corner I needed something easy and small to carry my laptop with me everywhere versus my bulky laptop bag. I went home and googled this bag and was surprised to see the bag was valued at $55.00 and I had purchased half price ending up taking it home for less than $1.00!! It was in like new condition and I started using today! I love the fold over option of the handle to carry under my arm or with handle. 
Not pictured thrift find: black Coach shoes that I purchased for $10.00 at this same thrift store about a month ago! 

     From my own personal research, thrift stores and second hand clothing are the direct result of what people have in their closet. Closets are stuffed and people are giving their clothes and things away at a fast pace. With only 15% of our used clothes industry staying within the United States and the rest shipped East makes one wonder how much more people have in their closets to give away. 
     I hope this helps you with your #thrifting adventures next time and you find your diamonds in the rough! Don’t let shopping thrift stores scare you, sometimes thinking outside the box is necessary.  
~ Susan Curry 


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