Gods & Goddesses Art Show Recap

     The Arts are alive and active in Oklahoma City, OK.   Recently Art Of Reflections, L.L.C. produced a fashion show where numerous artists worked together toward an artistic vision and produced an amazing showcase of art and fashion.  Custom designed dresses, clothing, and costumes adorned the models as they spent the majority of the day preparing for the runway art show. The models spent hours hand painted by body painters and makeup artists as well as some even making props for their characters. 

      I played as Nemesis and painted by Carl Hurst. The sheer, asymmetrical, one shoulder white flowing dress and wings designed by myself, and hand/bench sewn by Darla Curry under my fashion line Bella 2 Couture.  Hand made props with materials and items purchased from a local thrift store add just the right finishing touch for the scale and sword for the character Nemesis. The scales were hand made with vintage decorative plates, a bent candle holder, and chain. When involved in creative productions, one must be ready to also work toward the goal or task which may require going above and beyond just showing up to the event. 

Artists lineup include: Jaie Ferrell, Carl Hurst, James Rodriguez, and Debra Johnson.

The artists spent countless hours designing, preparing, and painting the models to perfection. The vision for each character was to provide an artistic perspective that brought realism and excitement to the character. The characters then acted out in a stage performance in front of a live audience. The characters complimented one another even having points of interaction to reflect the interaction of characters with one another.  

The models & artists when they aren’t in character! 😘 

Photographers on set taking photos include: Phillip Oliven and Randy Walters
The Flyer for the event!! 



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