We ❤️ 2 Pieces, not Sidepieces 

Every women needs a 2 piece fashion staple in her closet, but should avoid becoming a side piece in another’s closet.

From swimsuits, dresses, and pants or shorts sets, 2 piece sets are all the rage. The 2 piece trend provides items that are versatile, trendy, and interchangeable with other pieces in one’s wardrobe.  Pair the crop tops with high waisted jeans, skirts, shorts, tights, or any other way you feel! The great thing about being liberated is that you have a will, the will to wear what makes YOU comfortable.  Even some of the best nighties come in 2 pieces! Enjoy these looks and find a 2 piece style that works for you!

2 piece silk nighty, photo by Mayshack Photography
2 piece multi tie rose dress w/ lace available at ARTTwear.com. Photo by: Mayshack Photography


Photo by Phillip Oliven in an olive green Rue 21 crop top and a Lane Bryant camo print layer ruffle skirt


When you’re a full time fashionista a 2 piece has more appeal than any sidepiece could ever have! The glorification of people having “sidepieces” or in other words “ another woman or man on the side” has been on the rise. We can turn on the TV and see reality TV show stars bragging about their latest side piece, listen to songs about sidepieces, and even see meme’s and individuals bragging about their sidepiece.  According to the Urban Dictionary.com a side piece is: a. The other woman or b. goomad which is the Italian term for the broad one is banging on the side, lol.  

2 piece ARTTwear string bikini photos by Mayshack Photography. Location: Galveston

The term “sidepiece” is not one that generates a positive term.  While the term may be used with women and men interchangeably, it is directed and defined toward women. It is in fact demoralizing term toward women.  The demoralization of women has been happening for centuries and is nothing new this day in age within the media and public eye.  We as women (and supporting men) must band together and put a change to this stigma by creating content and media that is uplifting and supportive, Showcasing the hard working, patient, moral, compassionate, inspiring, and strong souls that women have and can share.  Avoid silence on the topic and bring the subject to the forefront of conversations as well as holding known individuals accountable.  Although the positive of not having a side piece may not be as popular as the thought of someone spilling the beans about their side piece, if just a few people changed their view just maybe they can influence another and create a domino effect.   Change is necessary, change is needed, and a changing paradigm is on the horizon. And although side pieces may never go away, we can change the stigma associated with the majority of women and end the glorification of the term and actions of side pieces.  A Liberated Woman knows her worth and knows that she is better than being just a side piece or someone’s second choice. So in relation to fashion, one should worry more about their new 2 piece looks rather than being someone’s side piece.

The 2 piece fashion and style will last, a sidepiece is only temporary.

Rue 21 crop top, cititrends skirt with tulle. Photo by Mayshack Photography
2 piece tie dye set. Photo by Mayshack Photography in the Bahamas 2016


Next blog I’ll show you how to go from work to play and feel sexy all day!!

Details of the 2 piece looks above

~2 piece rose print with black lace flounce featuring a multi tie crop top:  Shop this look at ARTTwear.com

~Green crop top and Camo Skirt: Olive green crop top from Rue 21, click here for similar styles , Camo multi tiered skirt from Lane Bryant, click here for similar options, Maroon laser cut shoes in size 10, shop Marshalls/TJMAXXX for similar styles

Green crop top and white skirt: Same Rue 21 crop top paired with a white Torrid skater style skirt with lace bottom detail

Black crop top and black tulle party skirt: Top from Rue 21 and skirt is from Cititrends

~Pink and black string bikini/high waisted swim bottomsAvailable custom made at arttwear.com, necklace by: Freeman Jewelry : handmade!
~Blue tie dye crop top/skirt set: Shop this look at Citi Trends, next blog I’ll spill the beans about the duster/wrap dress.

Definition kresources from Urbandictionary.com
Also many pieces in this blog including the skirts will be on sale soon on CurvyCo! Stay tuned!
Enjoy a few extra pics from the looks above!


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