The Dream : Art exhibit at 21c museum hotel : 1 year anniversary celebration 

     When I walked into this exhibit I had no idea what I was going to be walking into, only that this 21c museum hotel in Oklahoma City was going to have a 1 year anniversary displaying what looked like an atomic bomb display. I was intrigued and pulled into the event even though I have never before blogged on art galleries, I had a pull and urge to write on this event. OKC is home to one of seven of 21c museum hotels and is open 24/7 to the public for FREE! 

    I walked in looking around nervously as I saw others dressed up and walking around looking fancy as I found myself drawn to the structure in the corner of the room. As I approached I heard the audio and the statements the women were making and the emotional statements.  With the exhibit now visible I could make out words now on the panels.  Statements such as “I just wanted someone to love me” and “When I grow up I want a big wedding” “It’s about my partner knowing I’m special because I’m worth it” , “I was looking for a man who was going to save me”.  Suddenly I had the realization that this display was about society and how we as women are expected to fit into this perfectly formed bubble and if one does not, then something must be wrong with you. The statements and display was so overwhelming I had to step away and re-gather my thoughts, I was emotional and this moment was not the time to be a hot mess! I then gathered my senses and began to document and take in all I was seeing and hearing. This is what the liberated woman is all about. To understand ourselves better and realize that just because society has a direction your “supposed” to go does not mean you will indeed go in that direction.


     As a 36 year old woman never married with no children I am often overlooked and looked upon in a different manner than my motherly counterparts, at times not given consideration or relevance because of this. Even though I often have the same feelings they have, I just have not been positioned in a place in my life to make those moments and times happen. It was at this moment that I realized that it was OK and understood on a deeper level how society creates these expectations for women. This display doesn’t mean that a woman doesn’t want to get married or that she won’t get married, or life doesn’t go the way we planned it’s OK. Life doesn’t always follow the stories of the fairy tales or even our traditional wants, needs, or desires. Wow, this installation was so amazing! Read below for details of this exhibit and make sure you read photo captions!!! The stick pin bonnets have such a deep meaning!!! 

Artist Frances Goodman : The Dream

The Details

OFF-SPRING: New Generations featuring upcoming artists from around the world : featuring works of the 21st century 

Curated by Alice Gray Stites: Museum Director and Chief Curator :
Special presentation by Artist: Frances Goodman : The Dream 

New and old narratives of Rituals and Regimes associated with the female identity through society, rituals, fantasies as a child, stories and fairy tales, and family expectations by society.
About the Artist: Frances Goodman from Johannesburg, South Africa works with objects often associated with the identification of females such as jewelry, fake nails, and fake eyelashes. She discusses how beauty routines encourage a sense of obsession and neurosis while attempting perfectionism. The DREAM is composed of satin, silk, and organza pink and white wedding dresses. Interviews were given to women between ages 20-60 integrating their emotional responses to the tradition of marriage. The statements were then compiled and hand sewn onto silk and satin panels with some of the statements from the interviews. The audio sounds are recordings from the interviews and give a multi-dimensional feel to the display. 
The 21c Museum Hotel features an art museum, restaurant, and hotel in the historic Ford Motor Company building. Features interactive art installments. 

Read more on this event on the Oklahoma City blog!

Artist Frances Goodman : The Dream
Artist Frances Goodman : The Dream
Artist Frances Goodman : The Dream
Artist Frances Goodman : The Dream
Artist Frances Goodman : The Dream

The exhibit below caught my eye and the closer I came I realized it was made emirely of corsage pins! Made of 39,804 corsage pins, fabric, steel, and wool, artist Angela Ellsworth creates Seer Bonnet XXI and Seer Bennett XX ( Eliza and Emily).  Represents sister wives! Yes this exhibit could be stared at for hours! (Info from

This display represents Morman Sister Wives. Connected, yet forever facing another! Made entirely of stick pins!!!!!
This display represents Morman Sister Wives. Connected, yet forever facing another! Made entirely of stick pins!!!!!
This museum is definitely a “to do” item for an OKC outing! It’s free and open 24 hours a day located at 900 w Main Street. This exhibit is on display in OKC through April 2018. 


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