Velvet Monkey Hair Show 2017

The Velvet Monkey Salon 2 is a cutting edge hair salon located in the Plaza district in Oklahoma City, OK. If you dream it, the Velvet Monkey team can make it happen. The recent Velvet Monkey hair show was a fun and fulfilling event showcasing the variety and uniqueness of culture through simple to extreme hair and fashion trends.

Photos in slideshow below and at end are by Logan Walcher and directed and posed by Ivan Cato. Body painting by Bryan Crump : The Crump Effect.  Hair by Velvet Monkey Professionals.  Hula Hoop Dancers Third Eye Tribe : LED, fire, and aerial entertainment.  DJ: Travis Traps

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A crowd began to form on the sidewalks by the salon storefront as the platform was installed and the runway show was about to commence. The show began with a performance by Third Eye Tribe with hoops of fire and rhythmic dancing. The fun continued when the DJ Travis Traps pumped base infused music through the air and the crowd began to exclaim in excitement as the first models began to walk the runway.


Colorful locks, fun daring designs, shaved sides with designs, big fun hair, and gold colored ornaments and detail brought a variety of looks and showcased the uniqueness and variety offered by this upscale salon. A few unicorns, zombies, and even a large smiling happy face graced the runway keeping the crowd waiting and hungry for more. The events continued into the darkness and finished up with dance routines by (Dance team) with glowing hoola hoops and fire. This event was fun and memorable and set the bar for pop up or street runway shows!

Popular culture, creativity, and unique individualism brought realism, excitement  into the showcase and through the designs and hair a story developed. A story that even though we may all be different, we are all unique and together through teamwork and relationships we can for a moment all become one. From the audience, to the participants, to the hair stylists, one felt a sense of belonging where one can be proud to have a thriving unique culture in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Thank you Velvet Monkey Salons for bringing such a cultural and fun event to the city.



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