Nicole the Florist: A Liberated Woman


Nicole Newberry of Oklahoma, originally born in Washington, Pennsylvania,  is a beautiful soul. You can catch her making flower arrangements these days at her shop in Norman, Oklahoma Designs by Newberry Flowers & Gifts.  She has humble work ethics and her workload at an early age begin with work as a Certified Nursing Assistant and taking care of others.  Her story with flowers began when she was tired, injured, and literally stumbled upon her love of flowers.  She walked into a flower shop to buy a flower and fell in love with the ability to express herself through the natural beauty of nature with flowers.  She felt as if she was breaking chains and running into the future.


“I’ve always been the black sheep, always learned the hard way. But no matter the criticism I received I pushed forward. I never allowed the words you can’t stop me. I was going to become my own hero, and be one to my kids as well. Folks are going to talk, let them. It means you’re doing something right. I’ve always been the strong one. Not saying I wasn’t scared at times but facing it all was relief for me. I speak loudly so that others can hear me, I don’t hold my tongue (and probably need a filter), but that’s me. When I opened my business I was nervous.  But that didn’t stop me. I’m still loud, I’m still here, and I’m putting my face in the world for all to see. Because why not show and share all of your beautiful self .  I direct all negatively to something positive, my art!! Floral designing has given me a way to be me and express myself.”

-Nicole Newberry



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