Curvy Girls ❤️ Beaches too! 

Have you ever hesitated to jump in that swimming pool on a hot day or avoided that beach trip only because you think your arms are too fat or your thigh fat will be visible? For so many years this was ME! I think back to all of the pool parties I missed! The fun memories I could have had and the change it may have been brought to my life.  Well never again will I miss those opportunities and neither should you!! 

It took until my late 20s to have the confidence to dress as I please.  To show my arms in public and be proud! Now I wear my curves proudly and confidently and instead of covering up (like mainstream society says to do) I proudly wear clothing and swimsuits that make ME feel good! All it takes is a try! And a do! And before you know it you’ll be confident too! For me the don’t care at all moment came while in South Florida. 

I never would have imagined I would be in Miami in a 2 piece swimsuit nonetheless! But as you can see I was so happy and Florida really did change my life!  I found a happiness that I had been missing for so many years when I limited myself to events because of the fear of showing my belly, thighs, or arms. 

Oh just floating at Miami Beach, Dade County! This experience was so freeing! And the water oh so blue! 

This swimsuit is a comfortable zip down 2 piece with sleeves from

Posing for the frame once again, this pose may look easy but have you ever posed with big waves knocking you down! Lol aww too many bloopers but we had an amazing finished product! 

Trying to be sexy and stay afloat at the same time. 

Sexy crawl accomplished! This took many retakes! 

And the look of pure bliss is one of my favorites! In that moment all was perfect, cellulite, rolls, and allll! Hear me roar I am WOMAN! A LIBERATED WOMAN!  My goal is for other women to never go through what I went through in my 20s and don’t limit your opportunities because of a size! If you have the ability, just DO! 

Follow my journey as we head to a campaign for ARTTwear the end of June to once again put in work! This time in ARTTwear swimsuits! 
Shout Out! 

I want to give a special thanks to my special friend Art Mayshack who took the pictures in this blog under his Mayshack Photography brand! He is a hard working and thoughtful soul!  Thank you for everything and for believing in me so much! We had a blast and will be back next month the end of June! Just wait for what we have planned!! 
This pic was taken by myself at The Bahamas circa 2016 

Written By: Susan Curry BS/BA, MBA, Social Media Manager and Fashion Blogger


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