Houston, ARTTwear, and Curvy Bloggers

     Not only did Sarah Jane and myself participate in the Finding Ashley Stewart and won 2 of the Houston top 12 spots, we also used the time that weekend to squeeze in a quick collaboration!  Sarah Jane is a Houston fashion blogger and she does not disappoint with her flirty dressy style and boho fashions.  She will have you on top of your style game in no time especially in the dress catagory! Follow her on Instagram and on her website http://www.sarahjanereign.com.

Midtown Letters photo by Mayshack Photography

 We began at the amazing Midtown Houston letters and took a few pictures in our favorite dresses then headed over to the park to finish up in custom ARTTwear pieces! The dresses worn for ARTTwear were comfortable, classy, and sexy!  You cannot go wrong in an ARTTwear dress with the high quality, durability, and wearability, you will want at least a few in your closet! And side slits to the heavens in some pieces will have you feeling like a Goddess.  Shop the latest designer and casual wear fashions today at www.arttwear.com.

ARTTwear in the Park
ARTTwear is still slaying, look at those side slits!
Mayshack Photography

We had a ball posing on the midtown Houston letters! You can’t go wrong with a good backdrop! And what better backdrop than larger than life letters.

Slaying as usual, don’t mind me as I flip my hair to and fro! 

Sarah was so easy to work with! When I move to Houston we will definitely be linking up to capture our amazing adventures! We had so much fun! 
D is for deep in thought! Thinking of my next moves. Just wait! So much to come! 



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