Curvy Girls Wear Crop Tops Too!

A popular trend that continues to make a comeback this spring among the curvy fashionistas everywhere is the crop top. And don’t be afraid to show a bit of skin!! The popular skater style skirts are a perfect fit!

Photo by Emperial Photography

Pair crop tops with high waisted skirts, pencil skirts, shorts, or jeans. My favorite crop tops were found at Rue 21 Plus 
The first look is an olive green crop paired with a flirty white Torrid skirt. 

Mayshack Photography

The second look features a camo print jacket with jeans from Rainbow Shops, my favorite discount store

Mayshack Photography

The third look features a crop top with a Torrid Assymetrical knit blazer and rainbow jeans of course! 

Mayshack Photography

Don’t be afraid to test your fashion boundaries and step outside the box! Only you will know you have a crop top under that blazer and as soon as the 9-5 is over, let your hair down and unbutton that blazer! Sexy after 5!

Thanks for following and reading! Hope this helped you find that courage to finally wear that crop top you’ve been eyeing! 


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