My week in Arizona at my Doctoral Residency

My week in Arizona for the Doctorate of Business residency was a busy week with studies every day, meeting new faces, and building new relationships. The information and insight gained was invaluable! 

The week began at the main University of Phoenix John Sperling Campus. The week was full of studies and research in the classroom with other students, a few Breaks, but most of all work, work, work. 

Hard at work
I was ready to go by weeks end

By the end of the week everyone was ready to go and brains were tired but all had a message and a renewed strengthened compassion toward our studies and beginnings of a dissertation. I met some beautiful ladies and gentlemen! 

A few of the ladies from the residency
Ending the week with  a photo shoot on south mountain was the best and most unforgettable evening one could wish for!

The Sterling campus is beautiful!



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