Finding Calm in Chaos

The importance of keeping a balance between ones stressful life events and ones peace is imperative to having the ability to truly relax while still being productive and living life!

Enjoy these tips and find Calm in this Chaos we call life. 

1.  Plan your day including your business tasks, personal tasks, and even your extra curricular activities. I plan my day down to the dinner and drinks with a friend in the evening. Time management is your friend! Use it to maximize your day.  The has some great tips to manage your time!

Managing Your Time,

Always make memories in the moments, don’t let the moments make you! ~ Susan Curry

Galveston Beach photos by: Mayshack Photography

2. Take a walk. S L O W down and stop and smell the roses as the saying goes. In this busy hustle and bustle of life slowing down is an action often taken for granted. A walk on a walking trail, a park, a lake, or my favorite, a beach. These moments give you time to truly reflect and comnect with the earth.  One of my favorite getaways is Galveston Beach (or any beach for that matter) But this one is closest to me. The beach brings me serenity! FT. Lauderdale beach was everything one would expect with clear blue waters which brought about a calming peace to my soul.

#1426 curves swim week at FT. Lauderdale ohoto by: Terri Mckee

3. Relax in sceneries that take your breath away and just be still in the moment. Don’t think of anything else but you, your body, and the feel of the air and wind around you.

South Mountain photo by Mayshack Photography

South Mountain in Phoenix, AZ provided a scenic and serene scenery where peace and confidence reside. The air may be a bit chilly at that elevation but the view is breathtaking! This desert landscape renewed my spirit!

4. YOGA. Try simple to advanced Yoga poses that work for you. Everyone has to start somewhere! I find that Yoga can be done in many situations whether sitting or standing.

Lake Stanley Draper in OK Photo by Mayshack Photography

Seated Yoga Poses from

OCCC campus in OKC photo by Mayshack Photography

Find what works for you and in the hectic moments use the reflections of your meditation. Take a moment in the chaos for a meditation moment and find your ground once Again.

Find your ZEN, your Balance! I hope these tips help you find yours. 

When you feel out of balance again, REPEAT and remember “This too shall pass” 

BE YOU shirt by Dwight Carter, Photo by Mayshack Photography at Galveston Beach
Jumping for Joy at Galveston Beach
A nice beach run in my #kurvykitten camo shirt
Yup! The beach is my favorite spot to relax!! #kurvykitten had me covered that day!

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