Just So Jazzy ~ A Liberated Woman

Meet our Liberated Woman feature : Jamecia Johnson otherwise known as Just so Jazzy is a breath of fresh air and gives us a dose of realness.

 She is a barrier breaker and has proven her adversities and hardships can be used as a lesson to help others avoid the same pitfalls. Just so Jazzy takes her passion of modeling serious and has a habit of staying ready. Meeting this woman in person was a blessing, she will breathe life back into your Soul!

The more liberated I become economically and personally the more erotic I am. I always thought sexiness is not the mere feeling of being more desirable, it’s the thought of what I desire. I always did what I wanted and never cared of what others think. I am me on purpose… every dimple in my thighs to my squinty eyes. To get to the state of feeling liberated, I had to realize within myself that I had to be free of others judgements and opinions of me. I am sexy, Intelligent, energetic & talented. I am confident because I can admit who I am, what I’ve done, and love myself more for who I’ve become. My mission in life is to thrive & survive from every speech of not measuring up and the “you’re not good enough” lies. ~ Jamecia Johnson

Photo by A’Ja Daniels
Photo by: Jonathan Fields

Photo by Mayshack Photography, Designer: ARTTwear

Photo by Jonathan Fields

Photo by Mayshack Photography for Designer ARTTwear

 Follow Just so Jazzy on her journey as she competes for Ms. Scottsdale Plus America! 

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Written by: Susan Curry: Blogger, Model, Social Media Manager, and Supporter of Liberated Women! 


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