My week in NYC

New York was definitely a trip to remember! Here are a few of my highlights from the trip! Enjoy re-living my experience with me! 

The subway rides themselves are quite an experience but definitely cheaper than an über! Only took me a few days to realize this. Here is a view of one of the more upscale subway stations, some a were a bit questionable. 

A cute table at the subway

Riding the subway was an experience for sure! 

The Brooklyn Bridge view from the subway, missed my exit but still glimpsed the bridge from the window! What a sight! 

Yes Times square is as busy as the pictures portray! Shoulder to shoulder and honking everywhere. Say “Excuse me” loudly if you bump into someone and keep it moving.

More Times Square pictures!

And yes there is trash on every corner! Trash runs twice a week and in the meantime it piles up. 

New York was nothing short of amazing! Manhattan was definitely a great experience and I’ll never forget these moments!! And I’ll always remember 57th street! 

The Ground Zero memorial was breathtaking

I cannot wait to visit New York again! Next on my agenda is the Statue of Liberty, had to save something for my next trip! 

My last view of NYC, until next time Big Apple! 

Of course the best part of the trip was the ARTTwear fashion show and photo shoot. Check out his designs at

 Written By: Susan Curry  BS/BA, MBA, Social Media Manager and Fashion Blogger


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