ARTTwear Slays #NYFW

Art Mayshack CEO of ARTTwear had 1 goal on 2*10*17 and that was to show the world how curves can be sexy too! 


click here to watch the ARTTwear video shot in Queens, NY 

The slayage of the runway was unstoppable as model after curvy model gave a show stopping experience in a custom designed ARTTwear dress. The looks ranged from stretchy sequin fabric to custom fitted exquisite pieces. The ladies, although sexy, were comfortable. 

ARTTwear prides himself on making pieces that can transition straight from the runway to ready-to-wear pieces! This up and coming designer for the curves will leave you speechless in his pieces that fit multiple sizes and look great on each size! 

Visit to purchase one made just for your curves! You can feel sexy too! 

*I will add more runway pics as they become available and new pieces are being added daily to the website!

*Update: Last photos in this blog are by Terri McKee Photography. Prior photos with no watermark are by a photographer with the runways on fire event in New York City. 

Written By: Susan Curry  BS/BA, MBA, Social Media Manager and Fashion Blogger



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