New York City : The arrival for NYFW 2017

     As soon as we began to head to New York City the adventures had already begun! An early flight was missed but the bags made the flight en route to New York without the owners.  I however ended up in Florida and caught a second flight to New Jersey but still not to the destination intended! This was also my first time to fly in an airplane so my nerves were on edge.  After an eventful day and hours in the airport we were finally in New Jersey! Took the train over to Manhatten and finally to retrieve the  luggage from the other airport in New York! Then the real craziness began….model after model had flights canceling left and right!!  A winter storm was headed straight to NYC with 6-11 inches of snow predicted.  Who would make it? Who would not? The majority of models were successful at booking later flights and the fashion show was still going to proceed!

     From my hotel window on the 17th floor (fitting since it’s 2017) I could see the Empire State Building and oh it was a majestic view!  I was in New York City! Yes it was true! The snow flurries had just began to fall as I fell into a deep slumber ready for the adventures that would await me in NYC the next day!

It was happening!  I was in New York City to walk for Arttwear in NYFW at the runways on fire fashion show. 

View from the airplane en route to NYC
Partial view from the 17th floor
Daytime view of NYC from the 17th floor! You could see the Empire State Building from the room!
Nighttime view of NYC from the 17th floor! So many lights!!! So beautiful!!
Greetings from the hotel!! Felt right at home!

Snapped a late night selfie! The city that never sleeps! The noise never ended!

Written By: Susan Curry  BS/BA, MBA, Social Media Manager and Fashion Blogger


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