The Liberated Woman : Model Chay Crews

     Meet Chay Crews straight from Alabama! Where do we start with this beautiful Liberated woman!! She is a beauty inside and out and her work ethic shows through in her actions. She is independent, strong, level headed, and a supporter of other queens!! 

Catch her in New York Fashion Week as she walks the runway for Arttwear on February 10th in NYC! 

She was recently named the face of Queens of Phasion! Keep going Queen! Here is her story of liberation! 

 What makes me a liberated woman is that I’m not looking for approval! I’ve learned that I have the last say so on my happiness. Being a role model is hard when you haven’t acknowledged your own self worth! I am not defeated by words of the world. I’m a REBEL for a reason and I wear it proudly. I’m a woman whose unstoppable! 

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~ Chay Crews
Photos by: Sharde Richardson Photography

Written By: Susan Curry  BS/BA, MBA, Social Media Manager and Fashion Blogger


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