Shopping Second Hand : + size

     Shopping second hand is often looked down upon and not a method of shopping that is promoted through the mainstream crowd.  Whatever the negative stigma may be, this is a way you can still dress fashionable and shop on a budget.  Stores like Plato’s closet, Clothes Mentor, and even online such as the poshmark app provide an easy way to buy and sell your clothing. 

     I myself not only buy, but also sell my own gently used or new clothes! In my own research I discovered the second hand clothing supply industry is directly related to what people have in their closets! Considering how full my own closet has become and others I know, I can only assume this type of buying and selling is here to stay for a while!! 

I personally love Clothes Mentor – Edmond where I have purchased multiple blazers, sweaters, shoes, and accessories! They have locations throughout the United States! I have always found cute accessories for less than $10 and always find a sweater or blazer for $15 or less! If you are changing or adding to your wardrobe throwing in a few second hand items are a must! You may even find a unique or discontinued item! There is an old saying “Ones trash is anothers treasure” so now go find those treasures!!! 

In my SECOND LOOK creation outfit I paired a clothes Mentor sweater with my favorite Torrid jeans and Peyton studded boots from Avenue Plus

Follow me and shop my closet on #poshmark use code HGTMB for a credit

Written By: Susan Curry  BS/BA, MBA, Social Media Manager and Fashion Blogger



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