The Liberated Woman : Alanna the Writer and Poet

I met this young lady while at a music video for a local OKC artist J French (who we will be interviewing soon!!!!) so stay tuned! But this post is about a beautiful young woman being herself and being liberated.

“Now I am a Liberated Woman and it feels Damn Good” ~ Alanna

Alanna is a breath of fresh air and breaths LIFE into a room! She is a beautiful soul both inside and out and I knew right away she had a story to tell!! She is a liberated woman! She embraces herself and loves herself so much so that her values and standards do not waver! Meet Alana the poet, writer, model, queen…she has so many titles and she is a Liberated Woman! ❤️

Photo Credit: Treductions

     I have always been a writer: short stories, fanfiction, poetry, even just my thoughts. However, there is a stigma in black culture of what is an “acceptable” form of writing. Poetry has not yet made the cut. I grew up in a community where being a stripper is more revered than being an educator. To be a poet in a place like this? It is simply asking for ridicule. For a long time I allowed the perceptions of a society which does not care about me to hinder me from pursuing my passion. No more. Now, I perform on a stage in front of an audience & coach other poets! Now, I know my voice and use it to speak life & light into the lives of others! Now, I know who I am & I am falling in love with that person. Now, I am a liberated woman! And it feels damn good.

~Alanna Rivera

Photo credit: Treductions

Photo credit:Ray’el Turner

Photo credit: Treductions

Written By: Susan Curry  BS/BA, MBA, Social Media Manager and Fashion Blogger


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