Recap of my Summer 16 of designing Bella2couture Bodysuits! More than just a name! 

Bella2couture is derived from Greek and Latin origins meaning “Beautiful you, custom fashion” 

     I never dreamed I would be designing clothes for not only myself but other beautiful women as well!! My family tells stories of me at the age of 2 drawing on any paper (or wall) of ladies in fashion pieces I drew on them while exclaiming I was going to be a fashion designer!!! Little did I know that would be all too true! I began designing this summer and was in my first show at “Plush Passion for Fashion” followed by two other fashion shows from July -September 2016.  I wanted a cohesive look and one that would not break the bank, so the specialized fitted bodysuit was born! Although it’s in the infancy stages I have sold a few pieces and have the ones that are completed in a boutique, Volume Plus in Del City, OK or available as a custom fitted order.  I am still dabbling in design and am grateful for the opportunity to make women feel beautiful!!! ❤️

    How Designing Changed my Life:  Designing bodysuits and clothing put me in the circle of other great Women and Men!! !!!!! I never knew I would align with so many other women and develop/strengthen life long friendships!! I have met some amazing people and my eyes were opened to the barriers that stopped me from supporting others visions and to the amazing adventure of meeting, building, and growing with other phenomenal women and men! I have an entire new perspective on life! 

It’s never to late to start a new project, set a new goal, or develop a new YOU!! Give it patience, time, and commitment! Love YOU, Find YOU, Be YOU! 

My website is currently under construction so in the meantime feel free to follow on Facebook and Instagram 🙂 Thank you all for the support, without you the dream would never become a goal! 
~Susan Curry 💋

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Enjoy the bodysuits below on the beautiful curvy models! Available at Volume Plus or Custom order. Send message, DM, or email to for custom fashion! 

Jediva Monroe in my newest collection! Classy and Edgy with embellishments of hardware, you will have your inner Tigress coming out!!!! Pair with a skirt or pants! Photographer: Mainstream Photos
Models: (left to right) Erica Davis-Jackson, Latoya “Cola” Nicole, Cherisse “Kiki” Baker, Bridney Davis. These bodysuits are available at #Volume plus boutique in Del City, OK Photography: Mayshack Photography
Models: (upper left) Bridney Davis, (lower left) Haley Starr, Andrell Reece photographer: Mayshack Photography

Models: Deborah Hughes, Susan Curry, Haley Starr, Latoya Nicole photographer: Randy Walter
Model: Susan Curry photographer: Raven Photography: Billy McGill

After Fashion Show photo Shoot by Mayshack Photography / Art Mayshack models: Andie Reece, Sicily Whatley, Erica Davis-Jackson, Drea Sutton, Cherisse Baker, Susan Curry, Haley Starr, Latoya Nicole
Model: Drea Sutton

Model: Susan Curry. Dress Designs for the character Persephone. Designed by myself and sewn by Darla Curry

Written By: Susan Curry  BS/BA, MBA, Social Media Manager and Fashion Blogger



  1. I love it!!! This is motivation. So many woman plus size are so afraid to show themselves, always posting face shots when they are beautiful no matter what. I have been guilty of this myself, I will open up more and stand proud. Thank you


    • Thank you so so much for sharing a bit of your story!!! Yes I too was for so long guilty of the same only when breaking free did I truly start to find Me and what makes me Happy!! I would love to share your liberation story on my blog!! Email, 1 paragraph, 2-4 photos with photo credits, and your social media links!!! Thank you for visiting the blog!! ❤️


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