Giving back one blessing bag at a time! OKC, OK

Christmas eve’s eve 2016 The Blessings and More Project handed out more than 60 blessing bags in Central OKC.  The bags contained hygiene items, gloves, crackers, blankets, other necessities, and some hot pizza! Blessings and more was formed as a way to give back to the local OKC homeless community.  The idea came to myself Susan Curry AKA founder of SUGGAMONKEY Incorporated and Kristen Peters when discussing ways we could impact a local area for the holiday season.  We knew we wanted to give back more than we wanted to receive. 

 I often find myself learning stories of the less fortunate and realizing I too could have been in those exact same shoes. So why not give back in a direct way for my community. To the ones that are often looked down upon in our society, let them know they too are remembered and validate their worth.  To the ones who have to find a warm place to sleep and a meal to eat…the least I can do is use my resources to the best of my ability. We often have so much that is taken for granted …when giving back can be more rewarding than any gift could ever be.

 Remember the small things do matter and nothing is ever too small! I hope we have inspired you to find a way to give back to you communities where it is needed! I encourage you to even volunteer at local community centers or programs for volunteers. 

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A big shout out to Bob Howard Chevrolet Edmond, OK and Oma Oral & Maxillofacial and Associates of their generous donations. Also this wouldn’t be possible without the numerous individual donations and of course Denise and family, Kristen’s German grandma and her son Landon. 

~Susan Curry

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Written By: Susan Curry  BS/BA, MBA, Social Media Manager and Fashion Blogger


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