The Liberated Woman: Burlesque Dancer Lucki

Meet The Burlesque dancer Lucki Saltillo Costley

I met this young woman while performing artistic cosplay in a fashion show through Euphoria Artistry by Drake Brown and she was such a sweetheart. A compassionate and free spirited woman who knows and goes for what she wants! And like many of us, this liberation comes with a story. Enjoy reading on Lucki’s story of liberation!! 

My moment of liberation was when I discovered burlesque. There were women of every size and shape that were so beautiful and confident. Struggling with anorexia for years as well as almost dying in ICU from this disease really broke me down. I wanted to be a societal “norm”, be a size 0 and feel desirable. Burlesque has opened my eyes as well as my heart and I can be”weird” or unusual and it’s OK. I can be voluptuous and thick. The audience craves my swerves & curves. I was liberated when I was on a stage in front of 90 people and was in pasties & panties. I was free & this art form of expressive dance saved my life. I’m now 6 years in recovery and I finally love myself. I am free. 


~ Lucki 

Photography by Core Elements
Photography by Harley Graham
Photography by John from OKC and Draceface

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Photo by Core Elements

Written By: Susan Curry  BS/BA, MBA, Social Media Manager and Fashion Blogger


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