Fall 2016 : LS 1426 Fashion Week in Houston, TX

LS 1426 Fashion Week 2016

The recent LS 1426 Fashion Week took place in Houston, Texas this past November 11th-13th at The Tuscany Ballroom located in Stafford, TX.  The models, designers, 1426 staff, workshop lineup, and everyone involved made this an event to remember.  Many came from out of state and some even from out of the country!  If you have never been to a 1426 Fashion Show you have been missing out on high runway fashion.  This article features the rundown of events from LS 1426 Fashion Week, and a reflection of a few runway designs!

LS 1426 brings more than your average local urban fashion show, LS 1426 stands apart by being a premier high fashion runway event.  From the models to the designer’s showcases this is a great show to attend in between New York Fashion Week’s.  Enjoy the review from the recent show and enjoy the links to the designers.  Follow the photographer Terri Mckee Photography (Link at the end of this article) for additional behind the scenes, runway photos, and random photos from the week of events.

LS 1426 Fashion Week Kick-off

Events began with the meet and greet at club Summers in Houston, TX. Featuring a live band and two stepping this was reunion of great friends and colleagues.  Monique Lusk and Cat TV were seen in action providing coverage and interviews for the event.

The workshop once again was a success with this workshop dedicated to informing and engaging as a Model. Model 101 and how to engage and continue as a professional Model.  Sharilyn Fisher began with housekeeping agenda and we were taught makeup application and the best order of application by Lamik.  Who may I say had eyebrows that were ON FLEEK and yes she put mine on the next day!  Barry Barnes gave us trusted advice as usual with his piece on what characteristics a model needs to possess with the most important one consisting of practice.  Shareece brought her wealth of knowledge on undergarments sharing valuable information on the importance of a well fitted bra and undergarment pieces.  Samantha Lebbie, the guest speaker, brought her wealth of knowledge on being a professional model and how best one can gain entry into the industry.  Of course the best speech of all ended with Linda Scott-Houston giving the models advice to live by and finishing up with encouraging words.   The workshop was a learning experience and everyone took away something from the event!

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The Designer Lineup

Occasions by Lauretta Lawrence by Designer Lauretta Lawrence

Featuring traditional Nigerian African modern clothing, Lauretta showcases her numerous talents with her intricate designs, ornate patterns, and beautiful weaving into silks and other rich materials. The women wore traditional headpieces while the men wore the traditional Fula or round cap for men.  These pieces were beautifully hand crafted and were a show stopper on the runway.  Lauretta is one to be remembered and definitely has talents in designing superb, high quality, and unique pieces.  For additional runway photos make sure you check out Terri McKee Photography (link included at the end of this article).  If you are in Houston, TX make sure you stop by and check out Lauretta’s amazing designs.  In the meantime follow her on her social media pages!

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skirTisfashion by Tijuana Thomas

     These designs are hands down phenomenal!  Featuring beautifully placed ruffles, hooded dresses, and pockets you cannot go wrong in one of her pieces!  The beautiful patterns also lend an interesting look and definitely create pieces that make you say “Awwwww”.  Her designs are flattering to numerous figures and the high waisted skirts will bring attention to the small of the waist and accentuate the curves where necessary.

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Alll4uboutique by Shareece Gregory

     This lady is back once again with sparkle, glitter, and shine!  We know what to expect from All4uboutique, a show stopping experience!  Her addition of sheer bodysuits and bejeweled pieces brings an extra level of fun to this lineup.  If you want to glitter and shine stop in to her boutique located in Stafford, TX and find just what you are looking for!

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Pheline Designs by AJ Jones

                This designer from Canada is one of my favorite designers!  She is known to make pieces that do not require any type of tight, uncomfortable undergarments.  She shows sexy in just the right places with her sheer fabrics, custom necklines and wrap pieces.  The look I wore featured a slit on the hips straight up to my thigh, now baby, THAT’S SEXY!!!!!!  The other ladies had fabulous custom wrap flowing pieces, capes on dresses, and fun layers.  These pieces flow down the runway and will have you feeling like a Goddess!  Although this designer is located in Canada, you can order custom pieces from her wherever you live!  Follow her on Facebook to see what she has in store for 2017! This lady stays busy!

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Style Plus by Cassaundra Henderson

This look featured Style Plus, a plus size resale store featuring new and consignment clothing. Her pieces were flowing, comfortable, and trendy.  Each piece is flattering to the figure and one could easily transition from a day at work to a night on the town in these looks.  From dresses to dressy pants you are sure to find something to fit your wardrobe and your budget at this store located in Houston, TX.

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Daily Motivation Clothing by Darnell McGowan

                Motivation is the name of the game when it comes to fashion and YES we are motivated by this designer lineup!  Featuring bright colors, floral designs, and vest and blazer designs for the men this line came and showcased high fashion on the runway.  The flowing floral pieces swayed gracefully to and fro along the runway as the models moved step by step.  One can’t miss the embellished blazers and simple structured men’s design up.  The pieces were eye catching and classic staples that can be worn across numerous age categories.

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Sweet Romance : Bridal Boutique

Sweet romance sweetened the runway with an elegant showcase of show stopping wedding and event gowns.  Romance is surely brought back to life with this flirty and full skirted collection.  The pieces are classy and well fitted.  Featuring full gowns one is sure to be a show stopping stunning bride in these pieces.

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#LS 1426 will be back!

This show once again proved to be a worthwhile trip as always! From the informative workshop to the runway performance each person brought their part to the performance and the show was a success.  The next show is once again scheduled for June in South Florida, and if you were not in attendance last year you DON’T want to miss the show in June 2017 for the Swimsuit Edition of LS 1426!


A special Thank You goes to house photographer Terri McKee. She goes above and beyond to make sure the events are turned into memories we won’t forget through pictures.  She is loyal and dedicated to her team LS 1426 and always comes ready to work hard.  She is a joy to be around and a sweet individual with her soft spoken nature and kind hearted soul.  She travels for most of her photography work so follow her on Facebook and check out the rest of the LS 1426 Fashion Week memories!!!img_0175
Written By: Susan Curry  BS/BA, MBA, Social Media Manager and Fashion Blogger


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