LS 1426 Curves Swim Week in South Florida : The Runway Reflection : 3 of 3 : Feature 3 of 3

     LS 1426 Curves Swim Week began with the Bahamas and ended with a Fabulous Fashion Show in Sunny South Florida. Upon arriving at the majestic embassy suites the 1426 models and staff were full of excitement and vigor for the activities in store! No disappointment was found in any part of this trip as all expectations were met beyond what most even could imagine.  The clear sky blue waters of the Bahamas gave way to an amazing photo shoot and some fun swimming in the hot penetrating sun.  As the week began to pass photo shoots at Ft. Lauderdale and Miami as well as some more swimming in the Atlantic and walks along the beach made for long and adventurous days.  The fashion show was the finale and the models hard work was shown that day on the runway.  As you can see through the pictures they will tell a story, one of happiness and no regrets.  And a similar thought resonates within all of the participants in that fashion week ” I AM 1426″.



Art Mayshack founder of ARTTwear leaves no detail out of his designs and brings together sexy and classy designs to make any curvy women feel beautiful. His designs flatter the curvy figure yet give an edge of classiness.  The pieces are versatile and you can wear to your workspace with comfort, to dinner with friends, or an evening getaway.  The dresses flow with the sway of the hips when the models grace the runway and this swimwear collection was no different.  From ribbing on the front of the swimsuits to sheer cutouts, his swimsuits feature undertones of sexiness and practicability. The material and designs contribute to a slimming shape one can be proud to strut around in. New designs are underway for his fall collection of dresses, jumpsuits, and many other surprises in store for November LS 1426 fashion week. Don’t forget his loungewear featuring his infamous logo ARTTwear with hats and sweats you are bound to find you some comfortable attire to rest in after you attend his shows. Make sure you follow ARTTwear on Facebook and check him out online as he re-launches his website.


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The Freeman Jewelry Collection

     Featured on the above ARTTwear line, you can see the Freeman Jewelry Collection featuring delicate glass beads, chunky pieces, and intricately designed foot jewelry this jewelry is a show stopper in itself. The pieces give off a feminine vibe and will dress up any bare foot whether on the beach or at a pool. You will be sure to turn heads with these pieces wherever you may be walking. The necklaces feature bright colors and strategically placed beads or shells that accentuate the necklines and give a pop of color. With these one of a kind pieces you will be the only one in that jewelry and will definitely give them something to talk about. As Mayo Angelou says “They may not remember you, but they will remember how you made them feel” And the Freeman Jewelry Collection will have you feeling GREAT!

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Phatz Clothing Line

     No one is left behind with this clothing line that showcases a little taste of everything from edgy swimsuits and women’s clothing to trendy sporty loungewear featuring the Phatz clothing line logo. Phatz Clothing specializes in urban wear and features designs for men, women, and even children wear! Phatz clothing also has hats and scarves as well as special sayings on some of the featured lounge shirts. Phatz is on the move and you can catch him at a fashion show or being featured on TV segments coming soon! Stay tuned as more designs are added to his collection and catch him on a runway near you!  Follow Phatz Clothing on Facebook and keep up with his events!


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Linda Scott always has a surprise during her 1426 fashion weeks and this design line presented by Steven Smith put a WOW factor on the runway in South Florida. These designer swimsuits are sexy, classy, edgy, and everything all into one package.  They are comfortable, yet you still feel covered up and sexy.  The swimsuits have great support in the tops and tight control in the bottoms.  Featuring two pieces and trendy one pieces you can’t go wrong in an Always For Me swimsuit! Their social media on Instagram and Facebook features clients and bloggers in their swimwear! You use hashtag #AFMswimteam and they will repost your picture in your Always For Me swimwear!  Every curvy women needs at least one of these swimsuits in your closet, you can thank us later.

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Linda Scott puts on a fashion show like no other and the coaching she gives her models is evident in the actions and composure the models hold on the runway and behind the scenes. Being a part of LS 1426 is more than just being in a fashion show, you become a family and through commitment to the collective each individual takes something positive away from each interaction.  Thank you Linda for such an amazing show and we can’t wait to see what is in store for the future of LS 1426. Stay Tuned because the November LS 1426 runway show in Houston is right around the corner!!!

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Photography by Terri McKee Photography

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Written By: Susan Curry  BS/BA, MBA, Social Media Manager and Fashion Blogger



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