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The Workshop


Linda with LS 1426 brings designers, models, and people of the industry together into one location to learn from one another and build upon the strengths of peers.  These workshops benefit each individual personally and professionally. In all of her fashion shows she holds a workshop to highlight different areas of necessary growth or give one valuable information.  This recent workshop was no different from her others in that it was full of energy, spirit, and growth.  The amazing line up of speakers made the show interesting and there was never a dull moment.  1426 fashion week is a step ahead of other standard and plus size fashion shows in that the models and the growth of models takes a role in fashion week. Linda wants to help her protégé grow and experience success and she stands alongside to make that happen.

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The first speaker  Wilma Mulcare brought a wealth of knowledge with her decades of experience in the health and beauty sector with hair and hair care products. Her message brought the awareness of the differences in chemical makeup and structures of different hair care products specifically with shampoo and conditioner. The products are dependent upon their own brand and developing their chemical differences in their products.  Which is why it is important to use the same line up for both shampooing and conditioning to have the best results.  She also gave information on using different hair care products such as saturating each strand of hair with moisturizer instead of rubbing randomly in to hair.  Other information such as styling techniques for a bun type hairstyle also gave the models additional tools to put in their beauty toolbox.  Her discussions were interesting and informative leaving the audience captive and hungry for more information.

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Steven Smith is a stylist made for the stars! He also is the founder and chief executive director at Fashion Week West Palm Beach.  His databank of knowledge was useful in his presentation.  He spoke of the importance of paying attention to your style and ask yourself if your style is portraying the image you are wanting to portray of yourself to the public.  He also discusses how adding patterns and pops of color can add some diversity to your wardrobe.  You definitely had to be there to get the full impact of his speech and he lends a great ear for advice.  Not just a speaker, but one who will lend his support and advice at the drop of a dime. He is phenomenal!

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Liz Lyons, a beautiful and strong model standing at 5’4, uses her story as a way to inspire other young women to pursue your dreams even when it seems the dream is beyond ones capability.  She speaks of using your confidence to push you toward that next goal and never give up or let your insecurities stop you. She pushed through auditions with taller girls only to come out ahead of the game and through her hard work she continues to have success in the modeling industry.  Liz is an inspirational woman and shares her wealth of knowledge with others willingly and when talking to her it’s as if talking to an old friend.  She is fiery and fierce and a force to be reckoned with!

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Everyone loves when AC Atlanta gets up (or sits) to speak as he is full of energy, life, and positive vibes. This workshop AC took the time to use his own story as a tool and testimony as to how one can work and thrive in this industry.  From international runways back to the states, AC Atlanta is known for his solid runway skills and of course his background in being a personal trainer.  This is displayed through his own physique, attitude, and demeanor.  AC definitely brings energy to the crowd and channels how one finds their motivation and purpose leaving you re-charged and re-energized. If you haven’t heard AC speak, you need to definitely look him up and stay tuned for his next events.

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Shareece Gregory spoke on a necessary topic of undergarments and a correct fitting bra. In the world of fashion a good fitting bra will make a significant difference in the look of ones shirt or dress.  Just as the foundation of a home, so does the foundation for clothing need to be strong and firm to ensure a strong base for clothes to sit upon.  Shareece is an expert in undergarments and fitting and tells not only why one needs to wear undergarments under certain pieces, but also explains how to fit oneself in an undergarment.  She explains to make sure to go down a few inches in size to ensure a proper fit of the undergarment.  The primary tip from this speaker is that foundation is just as important (if not more) as what is on top of the foundation.

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Barry Barnes brings his wealth of knowledge in model coaching and training to the 1426 workshop with a dose of rawness.  Barry’s words rang true in that one needs to walk into a room and own who they are and what they are portraying to be.  In this setting, a fashion, print, or runway model.  He spoke of how it is necessary to be that model not only when you are auditioning, but at the time you walk in the door to the audition.  Your audition has already begun as soon as you step out of your car.  Barry gave real and straight forward advice that is often lacking in this industry unless you are in the line of rejection.  Barry kept it “real” and was a positive tool in this workshop to bring everyone back to the reality of the industry one is working in and the real scenarios that one will experience.  One model tip to take away from his speech is before taking photos, one needs to be practicing in a mirror what facial expressions you will make in the pictures.  If one is to take their career seriously, practice is always a necessity.

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Vicki Antoni brought a significant amount of knowledge in business and relates how business is relatable to modeling as well as ones as ones personal life as well. She spoke on topics of how will you market yourself as a model and as a business.  She resonates that your online profile is your business and a projection of your business identity and what you represent as a business.  She also spoke on the importance of registering ones business and fulfilling all necessary legal requirements when establishing your business.  Her information and input was invaluable and she opened the floor up for questions addressing important and personal business topics.  Vicki also was a former model and is an aspiration and role model for young women everywhere!

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Coache Vette aka  Mervetta Shaw is an inspirational and motivational speaker and spoke confidence into existence with her powerful motivation and speaking skills. Her message to drive home includes self motivation through positive affirmations. Her key affirmations given on this day was the message of: I AM, I CAN, and I WILL.

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ws14Linda Scott herself spoke to the models regarding attire, attitude, and aspirations.  Attire being the requirements of a model whether that be your model bag or just your attitude of being a model.  Attitude is your interaction with others and in the modeling industry itself.  Aspirations include goals and dreams that one may have in their career and what is happening to move from point A to point B.  Linda drove home the prior points made by the other speakers and once again the workshop was a success.

If you have a chance to attend one of Linda’s 1426 workshops you will not be let down.  You will leave with a wealth of information and new information to apply in your own personal life. Her workshops are always open to the public. The next workshop will be in the fall in Houston, Texas at the 1426 fall fashion week.


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Stay tuned for the final 1426 curves swim week blog! The runway coverage and finale!

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By: Susan Curry

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 Written By: Susan Curry  BS/BA, MBA, Social Media Manager and Fashion Blogger


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