LS 1426 Curves Swim Week : South Florida : Blog 1 of 3 : Meet & Greet



The meet and greet serves as the kickoff to 1426 Curves Swim Week with a fashion show taking place in sunny Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on Saturday June 25th, 2016.  Linda Scott knows how to put on a show and she sets the bar for other fashion shows to follow.  Team #LS1426 is a step ahead of the rest and the #1426 models show true dedication, hard work, and team work.  Team LS 1426 did not come to play, they came to slay!

The Thursday Bahamas Meet and Greet kickoff was a great success with team 1426, Designers, and Models getting to know one another on a more personal level.  Bonds were formed and strengthened through fun memories of photo shoots with an amazing oceanic backdrop, swimming in the clear blue waters, or sitting in the comfort of the cool breeze of the cabana.

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The ride over on the Balleria began at 7am as the waving waters of the Atlantic Ocean gave way to replace the bustling city streets of Ft. Lauderdale.  The trip began full of hustle as Shareece Gregory began applying makeup to a few of the models as they began to prepare for the day. Others began snapping adventures on cell phones and cameras on the deck of the vessel to capture the moments.  A few even took the time to catch up on some necessary sleep.  When looking out of the deck of the boat there was only deep blue waters completely surrounding the vessel as far as ones eyes could see.  People could be seen looking over the edge of the boat with the wind whipping at one’s hair and the soft breeze keeping a coolness in the air.  A serene moment that cleanses ones soul and if only for that moment, there were no worries.

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When the 1426 crew stepped on the white sands of the Bahamas, the beach was shut down.  Multiple photo shoots were taking place using the backdrop of a lifetime and taking pictures of beautiful models with others observing and looking.  Terri Mcgee, the 1426 official photographer, brings her wealth of experience to create epic shoots.  Linda Scott and the rest of the 1426 team even could be seen in the water helping with posing and all the small details necessary for an amazing photo shoot.  All with the purpose to capture that one perfect shot! And it was a Success!

Team #1426 working hard! Tiffany keeping it all in line, Barry Barnes giving tips from the sideline, Terri doing her photo thing, Linda is hard at work IN the water, and AC Atlanta is putting in that work to have some Awesome Photos!


The islanders could be found selling handmade items ranging from a purse made of coconut shells, t-shirts, or even a ride on a kayak where negotiating prices is a must.  The Islanders were full of smiles and fun.   For the few who wandered off in the Town Centre, wildlife was found to behold and even have a picture taken with a Parrot or an Iguana.  The friendliness of the environment made it a necessary relaxing haven away from the day-to-day bustle of big city life and a true getaway.  This trip will always be a distinct memory from this epic day in the Bahamas.

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The 1426 Meet and Greet was a success in more ways than one!  Not only were epic photo shoots made but everyone had a chance to truly get to know one another in a judgment free environment where everyone has the same goal, to work.  No hustle and bustle of a fashion show, but a day of rest and relaxation that one can only dream of.  All smiles were true smiles this day and was a perfect beginning to an unforgettable fashion week.  No words can truly describe this experience to the Bahamas as it was one that would be hard to top. The weather, the scenery, the beaches, and people made this an unforgettable experience and anyone who was a part of this event will always have a place in their heart from this special day.


1426 Models (Left to Right): Julia Titus, Susan Curry, Lyz Lyons, Wykesha Townsend, Shahida Ra, Tamara Shuga Odem. Photo by: Mayshack Photography


Stay tuned for the 2nd part of this blog where we will discuss Day 2 of #1426 Curves Swim Week.  This day was a day of learning through the Model workshop with a truly life changing line up of speakers who all had something great to say.  Team LS 1426 did not come to play, they came to slay!

1426 Models Group Shot

Photographers: Ojay Rice, Terri McKee, Mayshack Photography

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Written By: Susan Curry  BS/BA, MBA, Social Media Manager and Fashion Blogger



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