LS1426 Designer Spotlight 3 of 3: Beach Bling Swimwear by Alton King

LS1426 is a runway event brought to you by Linda Scott who brings decades of experience and coaching to the models that are selected to walk for her runway shows.  These runway shows are an event to remember and one can always be proud to exclaim “I AM 1426”.  The name 1426 is derived from focusing on fashion specifically in sizes 14-26.   Numerous designers are brought to her shows to represent the best couture fashion currently trending.

The final designer spotlight is here! Presenting the Amazing Alton E. McCullough King of Beach Bling Swimwear!  This designer is a force to be reckoned with.  These fashion forward pieces embrace the best features and showcase a woman’s curves and beauty.  Beach Bling is set apart in that not only are beautiful swimsuits, but also the designer makes matching cover ups in a variety of colors and styles.  The pieces not only look luxurious, they ARE luxury!

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When my gaze fell upon the designs from Beach Bling Swimwear, my jaw fell to the ground and I was impressed not only by the sleek designs, but the overall presentation and luxury feel the designer has to his line. I felt in an instant that this was swimwear one would wear to a luxury resort (or feel like one is in a luxury resort). Instant glam as soon as you set foot into one of his custom pieces. This is not just a fad, this is timeless style being created! His pieces are affordable among numerous budgets ranging from $65.00 – $85.00 or less!

Alton McChullough King

Q & A Session

We asked a few questions to get to know this designer a bit better and tap into his amazing creative abilities to understand his  drive and commitment that goes into his swimwear line.

Q: How long have you been a designer and what inspired you to become a designer?

A: I started out as a license Interior designer about 35 years ago in Atlanta and eventually a Wedding Designer, Floral Designer, and Event Planner, and then a Swimwear Designer.

Beach Bling Swimwear, LLC was established, by myself in September 2009 while vacationing on the shores of South Beach Miami, Florida.  As a native who was born and raised Floridian I have a passion for the beach, tropics, travel, and an enduring love for sexy and unique swimwear.   I noticed an array of creative styles of suits on the beach that inspired me to launch my own brand of swimwear for men. After extensive training in the crafting of bathing suits I began to create an even more sexy line of swimwear for women, introduced March 2011.

Q: What is the greatest inspiration for your designs?

A: Well I feel my greatest inspiration for my designs is that I try to create pieces that are not only for the beach, but pieces that can be fashionably worn at the pool, or at a resort, on a cruise ship and even under my unique cover-up designs.  These designs are fashionable enough to wear at a pool party or while shopping or dinning at one of my favorite spots on the streets of South Beach.

Q: What do you find most challenging in this industry?

A: The most challenging to me is keeping up with such a changing industry in terms of colors, and style’s. But then I like to do what I’m feeling at the time, and not so much what’s going on in the industry. I am a very traditional person and I try to keep my designs clean and something that would appeal to all consumers. Now I can get wild, but I know when to go in that direction. But I want my designs to always be very sexy and appealing,  I also want my customers to feel comfortable in what they are wearing.

Q: Advice for aspiring or upcoming designers

A:  I have found that you have to be able to work with all people. It’s unfortunate that some designers that are very talented can get to a point of not being liked or appreciated because of their attitude. It’s ok to be a great and talented designer, but creating something for all consumers can be much more appreciated, and being able to communicate on all levels will help you to grow in the industry and be respected. Also designers should learn to connect with other designers and support each other in the industry. I am the producer and CEO of my on Fashion Show in Atlanta (Beach Bling Swimwear presents Spring / Summer Heat Fashion Explosion) that has open doors for many designers in the past 5 years in the industry not only for swimwear but for all fashions. I have learned so much from other designers that has inspired me to grow.

Q: What do you do when you’re not designing?

A: I currently work in the medical field as a Medical Case Manager for 16 years. But I am planning on retiring by the end of 2016 to put more time into my Swimwear Business. I also am partnering with a Wedding designer to beginning a new one stop shop wedding business.  I am now traveling as one of the featured designers for the Fashionology by Mercedes-Benz tour out of Atlanta, Ga. I will be presenting this year in Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Toronto Canada. 2017 Cancun and Europe and additional Cities as they are announced.  I love to travel, Hanging at the Beach, Cooking, Entertaining, sewing of course and old movies.

Beach Bling Designs come in styles for both men and women to showcase ones best features and help you stay poolside ready. The designs feature hip hugging swim wear combined with fashionable flowing pieces.  This designer has an eye for edgy, up and coming fashion and boundaries don’t stop him from making an eye-catching and flowing piece that sways in unison with ones steps and flow in current like movements to mimic the waves of the ocean.  You will look and feel like luxury in these designs.

If you’re in South Florida come join us for 1426 Curves Swim Week from June 23-June 26th.

The show is June 25th 2016 in Sunny Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  You do not want to miss this runway event and see the new designs hitting the runway!

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I hope you all enjoy the LS 1426 3 session designer spotlight! Here are the social media links to Beach Bling Swimwear! Follow him today for upcoming events and new designs!

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Written By: Susan Curry  BS/BA, MBA, Social Media Manager and Fashion Blogger


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