BJuled Couture Swimwear : LS 1426 Designer Spotlight

South Florida will be in awe of show stopping designs gracing the runway in the LS 1426 Fashion Show June 25th, 2016.  Some of the hottest designers with an eye for fashion will be present during  LS 1426 Curves Swim Week in South Florida. The event will showcase amazing swim and summer collections!

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We are featuring 3 Designers in a 3 blog line-up beginning with the Amazing and Talented Monica Davis, creator of Bjuled Couture Swimsuits.

We arranged a few Q & A’s for the designer to get to know the designer up close and personal. From our discussion you can feel her genuine concern for her clients and her desire to fulfill their swimwear needs with classic, sexy, and trendy fashion.
Q.How long have you been a designer?
A: 3 years
Q.What inspires you to create your pieces?
A: I am driven by self-motivation and personal preference. A large population of women are not able to find stylish and sexy swimwear and I wanted to design styles that would make women look and feel sexy. I want women to feel and look fabulous.
Q: What is most challenging in the world of design?
A: Knowing who is in the know and having my products in front of the right people for retail. Promoting, marketing, financing, and moving the product are some of the major challenges.
Q: Advice for aspiring designers?
A: Never give up because this is not for the weekend designer. Be confident in your product, stay open to ideas others may present to you, be selfless, and be willing to step outside your comfort zone. Have determination, keep focus, be humble, and have humility.
Q. When your not designing what do you enjoy in your free time?
A. I exercise, spend time at the beach, and spend time with family and friends.

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Going to the beach can make women feel uncomfortable and intimidating; I am changing this perception to make women feel and look fabulous” ~Monica Davis

     Bjuled Couture Swimsuits brand is making a statement in the fashion world of swimwear.  This clothing line is featured in numerous runway across the United States.  On June 25 she will once again wow the crowd with her eccentric curve defining designs.  The show begins at the peak of summer and once you see the new revealed designs you will be ready to hit the beach Bjuled Style!

Monica Davis, the designer of Bjuled Couture,  is based out of Baltimore, Maryland. She brings some of the hottest swimwear fashions for the curvy body that emphasize the curves of a woman.  From hip hugging pieces, deep plunge necklines, and zip off sleeves, you are bound to find the swimsuit of your dreams.

These swimwear pieces are reasonably priced and have an average cost of $110.00.  Budgets of all sizes can afford this couture swimwear.  One of my favorite is the Goddess featuring a detachable fringe skirt.  You can cover up, or go bold with the stunning designs.  Untamed is another piece that features eye-popping turquoise and a combination detail of zebra and leopard print design streamlining detailing the front.  The luxurious haute designs will make you feel comfortable and sexy at the same time.

Bjuled Couture is bringing sexy back for the curves at the beach.  With her new designs hitting the runway you better jump quick to purchase her one-of-a-kind swimwear for that perfect beach getaway!

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Being comfortable in swimwear as women can make the difference between a vacation trip and an Amazing vacation trip!  When one is feeling confident in what they are wearing, the surrounding activities become the focus and one can truly enjoy the moment.  The small imperfections that once were so important, now are embraced as  beauty.  There is perfection in the imperfections of a real woman’s body!


Come see Bjuled and other amazing designers in Sunny South Florida for the LS 1426 Curves Swim Week.  Runway Show is Saturday June 25th.  Until then you can find these swimsuits and MORE (if not sold out) on their website! Also follow on Facebook for the latest show stopping pieces!

BJuled Couture Website

BJuled on Facebook

1426 Website

This is the first of a 3 part blog, stay tuned for the 2nd feature next week! ARTTwear!

 Written By: Susan Curry  BS/BA, MBA, Social Media Manager and Fashion Blogger


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