#OOTD: Fabulous on a Budget: Pin Up Style

This Outfit of the Day (#OOTD) is a Pin Up inspired ensemble for the curvy woman shopping on a budget. The entire cost of this outfit is less than $60.00 using pieces bought at two of my favorite stores, Torrid and Citi trends. The key when shopping is mixing pieces from both high end department stores and discount stores as well as adding small details such as accessories.  I often go straight to the clearance rack at stores and see what kind of deals I can stock up on. Numerous options are available at fractions of the cost, one may have to buy a piece that will be worn the next season because when a deal is too good to pass up, don’t!

TIP: Accessories can bring more attention to your face and away from problem areas!

This skirt was purchased off season at Torrid on clearance making it a $12.00 skirt after taxes!  The top I purchased through the Poshmark app for $25 and is the most expensive piece I am wearing!  The top is a Torrid 2 piece Swimsuit top piece that I paired with the skirt for the retro vintage look.  The belt ties the outfit together and puts the attention on the small part of my waist and back up to my face.

TIP: Key to belts is the wider the better!

Belts are key in giving you a curvier figure especially with high wasted skirts, jeans, or even a full length dress or pantsuit. The belt gives you the waist that may be hiding behind those hips!  This belt is from Citi trends for $3.99 and has the right amount of width necessary to pull off the look I was going for!  An old friend would always try to convince me to wear belts, until I found some that fit my own look and wore for myself I didn’t understand. Now you often won’t catch me without a belt.  Torrid belts are the preference as they have always held up over time and wear longer, but Citi trends does offer some good alternatives at a discounted price when they have them in stock.


TIP: Pairing same color pants/hosiery with your shoes will make legs appear longer and more slender


The hosiery and shoes are also Citi trends specials and help bring a bit more sassiness to the outfit.  For this outfit I wore red fishnets to bring out the details of the skirt and make my legs appear longer with the effect of the red shoe.  If you are uncomfortable with having your legs show, hosiery give you that extra added flair and cover up you need! With so many hosiery designs to choose from at Citi trends you will be sure to find a pair that speaks to your style and your wallet at $1.99-$2.99 a pair!!!!!  You can pair hosiery with not only skirts, but also shorts and shorter style dresses. The shoes were a clearance special for $8.99 that I bought last season. I have found that red shoes are often marked down on clearance quickly especially after Valentine’s day!


The final touches include the lace gloves and spectacles to give a vintage finishing touch. The spectacles were purchased at (yup you guessed it!) Citi Trends!!!!  Most of their faux fashion glasses range from $2.99-3.99 and you cannot beat that price! Glasses give you a quick change of your look whether you are going from play to work or from work to play these glasses are sure to brighten your day! The gloves soften the look of the hands and bring more attention to the outfit with their vintage lace look. The gloves are the only item that I purchased separately at a local beauty supply store. I find local beauty supply stores often have the best trendy little fishnet, lace, or satin gloves for your hand at a fraction of the cost of departments stores. These gloves were less than $2. Small accessories such as gloves, jewelry, or even some fashion glasses, can polish your outfit and give you that bit of glam and edginess you want to emphasize in your outfit.


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So I challenge you when you are out shopping next, take some of these tips and add some staple pieces to your wardrobe to give variety to your look. Shop Clearance!

Stay tuned for Video Blogging coming in late May! How to Dress the Curvy Woman!


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Written by: Susan Curry:  BS/BA, MBA, Social Media Manager

Photo Credits: Phillip Oliven and John McCarthy
Written By: Susan Curry  BS/BA, MBA, Social Media Manager and Fashion Blogger


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