Euphoria Artistry

Drace Brown brings his interactive art vision to life through Euphoria Artistry.  An environment where it is more than just art on display, it is an interactive live art show with numerous forms of the arts.  Drace has a passion to showcase talents with both amateur and professional artists alike to drive and strengthen the passion in the arts.

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The Euphoria Artistry events incorporate various forms of art into one show. Some art features include: Musical talents, Print art, Dance routines, and an artistic runway show with handmade and created designs.  Euphoria Artistry provides a platform that combines multiple talents who come together to celebrate the passion of art.

A portion of the art on display is print art where artists converge with their available works of art in print.  The art is proudly shown at the events and available for purchase.  Drace himself is the main artist where he draws through the name Draceface Imagery and showcases works of art hand drawn in ink and pencil.  His drawings themselves are realistic and evoke an emotional response as they reflect realism and imperfections.


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The visual arts come to play through body painting and dance routines showcasing the numerous talents that Oklahoma has to offer.  The artistic and interpretive dance routines bring an artsy edge to the event that is often lacking in other venues.  The range of talent in this group is immeasurable as each has his or her own talents and when they all come together great harmony is made.

stephen.waits.greekgoddess26     The unique difference of this art show is the addition of a model runway walk. Models use their own resources to make their custom costumes for the runway walks.  The runway segments feature different themes at each event and each model showcases their designs.


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Euphoria Artistry hit the ground running with the first show in December 2015 featuring a Steampunk theme showcase from the art on display to the models costumes. Steampunk combines the vintage Victoria era with the industrial era bringing about Victorian style designs with a mechanical edge.  Gears, metals, and leather were a common fashion statement in this event.  From a 6 foot tall statue to the epic models designs, this show brought a one of a kind experience.


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A successful start began to pave the way for a series of shows.  The second show was a highlight of Ancient Greek Mythology taking place February 6th, 2016.  The art displays and model outfit selections were true reflections of this ancient era. Different characters were on display on the stage in a theatrical type performance runway walk.


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The third and most recent show featured vintage pin up designs and art.  These vintage designs brought back memories of the 40s and 50s through high wasted skirts, cat eye glasses, and vintage hairstyles featuring the pin up curl.  The artwork was a display of vintage style pieces combined with modern art.



Drace Brown of Euphoria Artistry

Drace really has set himself apart as a leader in the arts from his own personal artwork to his production of the Euphoria Artistry shows.

The events are held at the Love’s Event Center in Norman, Ok where the amazing venue owned by Maria and Stephen Love provide all necessities from the stage, the setup, lighting, and sound.  This network of artists is one where acceptance is practiced and hard work is the norm.  The group comes together for a moment of artistic solitude as one, yet each different form of art is indeed a masterpiece in its own right.

Maria of Love’s Event Center

The next Euphoria Artistry show is set to take place May 21st at the Loves Event Center and will feature Comic Book Superheros!   OKC don’t sleep on this artistic movement, get ready for an event that will leave you on the edge of your seats hungry for more!

Photo Credits: Phillip Oliven, Visions by Michael, Mike Mcdonald, and John Mccarthy, Cover Photo and all pictures with the Euphoria Artistry imprint: Jacques Branch

Euphoria Artistry on Facebook

DraceFace Imagery Facebook Page

Euphoria Artistry pictures on Tumblr

Loves Studio and Event Center

Written By: Susan Curry  BS/BA, MBA, Social Media Manager and Fashion Blogger


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