Back 2 My Roots Fashion Show 2-28-16

What was there not to love about this hot and edgy fashion show! The mood was elevated, the food was in perfect portions and tasty, and the runway show was live and entertaining. The event took place at the beautiful and spacious Paramount Room in Oklahoma City, OK located at 701 W Sheridan Avenue. The show was sold out and the spacious parking gave patrons ample space within a short walking distance to park.


This show was beyond amazing and exceeded any and all expectations. People were rushing to the event to be one of the first 30 patrons to receive a special Back 2 my roots cinch bag. The runway show began with poetry being read to the beating of drums followed by a model showcasing tribal body paint. The runway models wore the numerous styles from Back 2 my Roots including graphic print T’s boasted by the designer as well as earrings. Nikki Nice kept the momentum of the show moving forward with humorous interactions and an upbeat spirit. At one point even the audience joined in on the runway walk!! Anyone who was wearing a B2MR T-shirt strutted and worked that walk.


The Back 2 My Roots Fashion show displays a movement of empowerment of the emphasis of natural beauty, and loving oneself for who they are. Empowerment to do what you say, and say what you do and display the love of oneself through one’s natural ethnic beauty.


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This is a show packed with action you don’t want to miss in the future. You can find Back 2 my Roots participating in numerous fashion shows. Keep up with their latest designs and events through their website You can also find them on Facebook under Back 2 My Roots.

Written By: Susan Curry  BS/BA, MBA, Social Media Manager and Fashion Blogger


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